HitLIghts A19 Warm White (2700K) AffordVI LED Light Bulb, Equivalent to 40W Incandescent (380 Lumen), UL Listed

  • Affordable price, up to 50% less than competing LED bulbs
  • 80% less energy and are designed to provide over 25,000 hours of light for your home.
  • Energy-saving replacement for traditional 40W bulbs that will pay for themselves quickly in one year
  • UL Listed, estimated yearly energy cost: $0.72 (based on 3 hrs/day, $0.11/kWh)

The HitLights Afford Series is our new series of UL-Listed LED bulbs designed for U.S residential usage. These simple, bright, and energy-efficient bulbs are ideal for use in any room in the house, not to mention a retail stores, restaurants, offices, or anywhere that requires a touch of light! These handsome devils are bright, efficient LED bulbs that can directly replace both incandescent bulbs and CFLs with a standard (E26/E27) base.

We offer Afford Series Bulbs in a 6W, 9W, and 12W version, offering the same brightness as 40W, 60W, and 75W Incandescent Bulbs respectively, and all use less than 20% of the electricity of their incandescent equivalent. Each of our Afford Series Bulbs is available in either warm white and cool white options (See Technical Details). All of our Affords Series LED bulbs are UL Listed, and are offered at very affordable prices! This bulb is perfect for any hard to reach areas as this bulb is rated to 50,000 hours. To stand by our product we also offer a 3 year warranty on this bulb. Our UL-listed LED Light Bulbs come in an E26 base (also known as E27), which means it will fit into almost any lamp, ceiling fixture, or spot light in your home or business where you would use the standard screw base.

Our Afford Series LED bulbs also have the added benefit of our frosted white shatterproof plastic lens which prevents glare and breakage, compared to shatter-prone incandescent bulbs; and our Afford Series bulbs will stay cool enough that you will never have to worry about burning your hands like with CFL or incandescent. Our LED bulbs will give you the same level brightness and warmth of light as the incandescent or CFL, but have a much longer life time and are more efficient. Our Afford Series LED bulbs pay for themselves quickly, and best of all you won’t have to worry about changing your light bulb for at least another 10 years!

(Please note that these bulbs are not compatible with dimmers.)


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